In Home Support Services (IHSS)

In Home Support Services (IHSS) is a form of consumer directed in home care offered to most Medicaid recipients under Colorado Medicaid. Under IHSS, individuals seeking long term care within their home can partner with an agency, such as Craft Home Health to hire, train, and schedule care that meets their needs. Craft Home Health is a premier IHSS provider in the Northern Front Range of Colorado, offering free caregiver training, competitive wages, and benefits.

When working with Craft Home Health, consumers can enjoy the support and assurance of an established, knowledgeable agency while still offering the freedom of true patient directed care. Consumers are able to choose their caregivers, including, but not limited to members of their immediate family.

The IHSS program can be a great resource for individuals who are seeking more flexibility than the Caregiver CNA program can offer, and feel comfortable participating in the recruiting, training, supervision, and dismissal of caregivers. A registered nurse, along with a team of supervisors are always available to help support the participant and caregiver when needed.

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